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General Eye Exams

Our General Eye Exam, or Routine Exam or Annual Exam, provides comprehensive monitoring of your ocular health. Alongside an overall assessment of your general eye health this visit will also provide you with a written prescription for glasses as needed.

Dilation is offered with every General Eye Exam as a more thorough health evaluation. This also satisfies requirements for annual monitoring of ailments with potential ocular complications such as diabetes.

For patients that choose to wear contact lenses Byers Eye Care offers the necessary Evaluation and Fitting alongside our General Eye Exam. This provides patients with the separate prescription required to purchase contact lenses.

Boxes of contacts can be ordered through our office, but patients can utilize our prescriptions with any vendor of their choosing.

Contact Lens Solution

Contact Lens Services

Woman Having Eyes Examined

Medical Evaluations

Byers Eye Care is capable of evaluating and treating infections and injuries to the eyes. Whether writing prescriptions for infections or removing debris or other foreign bodies from the eyes, we keep regular openings for minor emergency visits.


We are also equipped for advanced diagnostic procedures and ongoing monitoring of disease.

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