Doc’s Thoughts

Q: Are my glasses and contact lens prescriptions the same? A: Though your glasses and contact lens prescriptions both help you to see better, they are often different for several reasons.  First, the contact lens Rx has additional information including the material of the contact lens, the diameter, and the base curve.  These elements are evaluated to ensure the lens fits appropriately on your eye.  Also, small amounts of astigmatism correction may be necessary in your glasses Rx and not in your contact lens Rx. Additionally, if a glasses prescription is greater than 4 diopters in strength the contact lens […]

Contact Lens Q&A: Part 1

Almost everyone is aware of the harm the sun can do to your skin, but you might be surprised to learn that exposure to ultraviolet radiation, or UV, can also be damaging to the eyes. Before you squirt a little sunscreen in your eyes, let’s take a look at understanding risks and proper preventative measures which can help guard your eyes from future harm.   Our eyes are exposed to UV radiation from the sun throughout the year, even on cloudy days, and can also come from tanning beds, lasers, and some welding equipment (those fancy goggles and shields aren’t […]

Ultraviolet Exposure and the Eye